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Myofunctional Therapy Services
for kids, teens and adults. 

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Do you have a Myofunctional Disorder? How do you know?
We do assessments for Oral Motor dysfunctions and customize the best plan for you or your loved one to improve patterns involving mouth breathing, low tongue posture, lip closure and improper swallowing patterns.

Oral Habit Elimination

Do you or your loved one bite their nails? Thumb sucking, cheek biting, blanket sucking?
All of these are oral habits that can be eliminated with the help of myofunctional therapy.

Nasal Breathing

Did you know that breathing through your nose can increase your endurance, calm your nervous system and help avoid infections? Orofit can help!

“You are the best Myofunctional Therapist Ever!”
Emma -age 6

Emma Miller


Our Myofunctional Therpist Debra has a huge passion for improving airway health.

Over her  15+ years as a Dental Hygienist, Debra noticed how much AIRWAY can play a role in one’s systemic health. She researched this field of study to become both certified in Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT-C) and in Buteyko Breathing (Cert.BBM)  Debra is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree so that she can further her education to help her clients.