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Does you or your loved one mouth breathe?  Snoring? 

Tongue tie?  Teeth crowding? Tongue thrust swallowing?

These are just a few of the many areas that can be the root cause of OMD’s.  What are OMD’s?  OMD’s are oral motor dysfunctions are improper patterns of the tongue and facial muscles. 

From $125

Habit Elimination

Habits such as thumb sucking and nail bitting can not only be harmful to the development of your teeth but they may also indicate an airway issue is present.¬† Let’s work together to remove that habit and improve your overal health.¬†

From $300

Preparing for a Tongue Tie Release

From $250

Imagine going for surgery and not having someone prepare you for the surgery or do any exercises to improve your healing and movement.  That is what OroFit offers!  We do pre and post exercises to help improve healing and functionality of the tongue. Let’s do this together!